Friday, September 16, 2011

What to post?

I am actually confused on what to post.

Am i to continue being to serious about life, as if i am not. And discuss about standard of living? What the heck is this... Hehehe... Sorry for the word. Who sets the standard of living, what is the standard of living.. And so on and so forth...

Or post how i tried clothes for my date tomorrow? I have tried the white, tried the black today, i am left with the maroon for tomorrow. Sorry. Was actually talking about the shirt that i am planning to wear tomorrow for my date.

Or do I have to talk about how cruel or wonderful life is. Life for me now is beautiful and promising.. You kow what... Set your standard high, expectation low and be honest to yourself... And check reality!...

Anyway, met a lot of good people today. Slowly i am getting into the system. I am off for my first exposure for my volunteer work tomorrow. It's the Korean Festival. I want to thank this organizatiob and this facilitators for giving me this chance. Love it!

(partial post... Something more later.. Need to finish my beer... Yes! Im drinking... Sorry!) Besides I am still off to see Darren my handsome sexy bartender... Hehehe..

OK at 10 o'clock in the morning (next day) I have the continuation...

So I went to the bar where Darren is working. It is busy as usual. Got a bottle of Bud until a friend texted me and say he wants to meet me. So off I go. It was cold but it seems like my eagerness to see him made me numb about it and off I go.

Waiting on his living room was a glass of beer. He knew how to make me stay. hahaha... So I sat down and we have good conversation about what's happening with me and what's up with him. It's been 3 months since we last saw each other.

He noticed what I am wearing,
he likes it.

just like how my boss
noticed me with the
white version of it.

So I think the maroon shirt will be good for my date tonight. Trust me these shirts are very cheap and I even got my friend buy it from Taiwan and shipped it to here. I am having trouble finding shirts for myself. I am an "XS" for shirts and a 26" for pants. I always end buying at the children's section. LOL! funny! but that is true. So I already made a plan that whenever I am home to the Philippines, I will bring nothing at all and fill my suitcases with clothes when I come back here... Sounds like a lot of shopping to do. Anyone, wanna donate shopping budget? har har har!...

btw, met three wonderful people. 2 last night and 1 this morning while I am walking home. from afar this guy who is walking his dog is looking at me. I love the green eyes and the smile is very infectious. So I smile back. It seems like it is what he is waiting and he just came back and say "hi" and introduced himself. He even apologize for not having his phone. I asked "why?". He said, "I wanna ask for your number." So I handed him my phone and told him to save his contact number and I will give him a call. I love the dogs anyway... LOL!...

I don't believe in love on a rebound. It does not work good for me. I will just open myself to meet friends and if where it will lead me... let the time tell...  At least now, I am back on the right track. I hope so...

For sure I will be meeting more on the fair this afternoon. It's the Korean Festival.... HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL everyone!


  1. Dear JJ: Yes, life is a paradox "how cruel or wonderful life is". We all have to come to terms with this and make a balance somehow. I bet you will look very handsome in your maroon shirt tomorrow. Are you having margaritas?jj2

  2. funny how alcohol gets us thinking, then just when we are about to come to a realization, all of sudden clouds everything. enjoy your weekend jj! maybe tonight just focus on the bartender lol!

  3. thank you for your comments sir

  4. Well, I enjoyed this walk with you. A Mooncake Festival! How fun. : )

    P.S. Very sensible about rebounds.

  5. sounds to me, drinking or not you have the right outlook on life my friend z:)

    and you look very handsome in those shirts :)

  6. PareJJ
    Clothes when worn should be comfy, that's all. Price or texture are secondary. You look smart in the snapshots and you are having fun! Great!


  7. post anything poetic or come to mind, the more you write, the better you become.

    welcome sharing a piece of poetry with our poetry picnic today.

    first time participants are encouraged to share old poems or random poems, thanks.

  8. @ chiccoreal, thank you. i am into beers.

    @ Sean, yeah i did focus on him that night. thanks!

    @ Mots, ser, salamat po...

    @ thingy, thanks maam for the comment and for dropping by.

    @ David Allen Waters, that's a very good compliment sir. well appreciated...

    @ Pareng Hank aka kaykuala, you realy are my friend. hehehe... thanks!

    @ The Gooseberry Garden, i will try that for sure. thanks for the invite..


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