Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Waited and Waited

Just like a child
I kept myself
where you told me
to hide...

quiet.. trembling...

where are you?
are you still coming?

or do i need to get out,
and be brave
to face it all
all by myself...

photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid
Magpie Tales Phot Prompt #81

on a different note,
I am offering this day of silence for the soul of Mark Jr.

This morning we received a call which is very unusual. this family are too busy in the morning that tey don't want to disturb each other. but this call is unending, so my boss picked it up. it was her sister-in-law telling her that there was an accident in the farm. and that's it...

May he rest in peace in the Comfort of the Care of the Almighty...


  1. Pare JJ,
    A poignant anecdote tinged with a little sadness on the demise of a loved one. May he rest in peace.


  2. Dear JJ: This poem makes me so sad; I just want to hug the child. Jane Jones Chiccoreal

  3. wow you carry a lot of emotion in a few short lines...i am sorry for your boss' loss...

  4. I am sorry for the loss in your boss' family and for you, I'm sure you are feeling the impact as well.

    Your poem speaks volumes... love the depth for such few lines.

  5. A poignant poem, particularly in the light of the tragedy.

  6. Touching. BTW, we always need to be brave and face the distresses that are chasing us.. Only in that way can we truly say that we have lived a happier life, just because we tried. God bless you. Condolences.

  7. Sorry about the loss...
    Poem holds a lot emotion,it's difficult to take the first step to face it all, but once you do the World is yours!

  8. A very nice response to the Magpie picture.

    And condolences to the family on their loss...

  9. What a heartbreaking response. Very well done in very few words.

  10. @ Pareng Hank, thank you!

    @ chiccoreal, thank you....

    @ Brian Miller, thank you!

    @ Reflections, thank you for the appreciation..

    @ Julien, thank you for the smile bro...

    @ Trellissisimo, thanks for the visit.

    @ the green breaker, thank you for that. Ill keep that in mind.

    @ Erratic Thoughts, you are right!

    @ Vicki Lane, thank you for the appreciation.

    @ Lazidaisical, thank you for your appreciation...


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