Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Prayers for Everyone

Ten years had passed and still I cannot find a word to describe what that incident was all about.

Words to describe how and what is going on in the minds of the people that planed it and made the attack.

Word to describe how innocent lives are claimed (hope I got the right word) because of that.

Word to describe how the family's have felt, then and for sure until now.

Word to describe, the uncertainty that everyone have felt. Living in a small developing country with all our arm forces is not that "Hi-Tech" and Well-equipped, ohh... can't define what we felt about it. I remember my mother calling everyone to come up the house that night and sit with her in front of the tv in the living room and monitor what's happening. we have thought it is the start of world chaos. Thank God, it wasn't.

When mother nature strikes us, we cannot do anything about it. because that's nature. the thing is oftentimes, she will give us a warning. a time to prepare. Although most of the times, our preparation and  move is not enough, ending us being devastated of the effect. But as I have said we cannot do anything about it because it is a "natural disaster". but for something like the 9/11. What word should we use to describe it? Nothing...

And to understand it, would surely be close to impossible. But it already happened... This phrase had been over used personally in the last couple of months, "better said than done", but that is what we can just do. Try to learn to move from that _____ experience and start creating a more peaceful, loving, compassionate world even in our own little ways.

Start being truly connected to your neighbors, friends, and even with people that you have differences.

I saw one wall in downtown Toronto last week that says, "smile, if you cannot hug, to everyone that you met on the road, mall, restaurant, subways, buses because one way or another, we are interconnected to each other. And I believe that.

Let's start building a new world that everyone would love, maybe not in our genre but for the future generations.

I am offering this day of prayers for everyone... May we all have peace of mind.

And to them I am sharing this favorite Hymn - Amazing Grace! got the video from YouTube...

God bless everyone and Have a blessed Sunday!


Mark jr., my boss' deceased son will be laid to rest today after the church services at 2:30pm. May he rest in peace!


  1. be blessed today and every day my friend :)


  2. Beautifully said. I was tempted to play the video (I love the Celtic Women) but Amazing Grace always makes me cry.
    I love the suggestion that we smile at everyone we cannot hug. Perfect.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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