Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Pouring...

(Day 9 - 9 more days before my "cross-the-border" experience...")

yesterday me and my lady boss went to buy pots for some additional flowers that she bought last weekend while im off duty. so off we go to the flower shop. Oh my! i almost fainted when i saw the price tags of the pots and the flowers...

i cannot believe how expensive they are. a pot for $40, and they are on sale? if i am to convert it to Philippine Peso that is about 2thousand. Back home nobody will buy a pot for that amount. Those pots that we bought could probably be just around Php500. And not to mention., the palms that we bought for $69.99 on sale. Palms are free if you are lucky that your neighbor have some extra, or buy it for Php100. If my mother is here, I think no matter how he loves flowers and pots. she will not buy. She would rather pretend to be buying everyday so she can see them.

anyways, she seems not to care about it. So we have 2 of the palms, 1 hibiscus, and 3 big pots on her convertible. wanna see how we carry them home...

so we ended up, my boss doing the dinner, a chicken in the rottiserie and veges in the oven, while i am doing the pots and flowers... and everybody happy, they are having wine while i am having a beer... what a lovely day it was. and the dinner, ah! superb!

anyway, to go back to the title, thanks God! it is raining today, i am save from watering all the plants. i just need to pull them out for them to get soaked. the past days have been to terribly hot that even the grass are turning a little yellow.


  1. you made me laugh
    about the pots...yes they can be too expensive
    but it looks like you had quite an adventure
    and a lovely meal
    I think the home is very beautiful with the new plants and expensive pots

  2. heard about the heatwave. i guess everyone welcomed the rain. how did you cram everything into that car haha!

  3. @Suz, for sure anybody who would ready about those pots with surely laugh. and sigh for filipino readers. those are just projects for our high school students. wish i could bring them all here and make a business. LOL!

    I am well loved by my boss. treated like a brother...

  4. @Sean, akala ko nga onli in da pilipins ang ganun... dito din pala.. hahaha...

  5. You picked some beauties. Love hibiscus!

  6. @Old Ollie, back home in the Philippines i dont mind them, but i started to love them since last year. they bring me back memories of my mother's garden. on winter time, i have to make sure i get up early to put them where they can catch some sunshine while we keep them warm inside the house. Thanks for the visit..

  7. I finally found some hibiscus which will survive our winters. The flowers are not as large and bright as the tropical ones, but still pretty. And they were only $12.99!

    Lots of neighbors in my area trade flowers and bulbs with each other, which is very nice. I don't have a lot of time to garden, so I only grow things which are easy and need little care.

    Like your photos!

  8. @ Miss Li, thanks for the visit. yeah! that is what we do in the Philippines too. we trade flowers. Good for you to have found the type that would survive the winter... Nice strategy about the graden...

    thanks for liking the photos...


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