Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feeling hot hot hot...

(Day 4 - 14 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

It seems like everyone is, instead of enjoying the summer heat, is complaining about the weather. I myself is a little bit uncomfortable with it; even im a little bit used to it... I am from the Philippines.

I have never experience my body sweating entirely as far as I can remember. But the two days of walking around Toronto have made me sweat like I'm placed inside an oven.

At least now I know how my favorite pizza and bread, pastries and cakes feel. LOL! With him walking around the city I just don't mind the heat inside and outside... Well? A little naughty. I'm enjoying it.

But now that i'm all alone, I hate it...

and Most of the appliance store are running out of air-conditioning unit, if there is one left, for sure are the expensive ones. they became the hottest items nowadays... LOL!

 I tried browsing this morning for some online stores, or department stores that offers online purcha.,ses and delivery and there are stil some available. And there is one online site that has a lot on sale for a cheap price, brand new and slightly used alike. I cannot mention the website because I don't know if I am allowed to. Prices ranging from US$35-150...

and for those who is not into a/c units, i hope a fan will be of help...

My friend have been browsing stores and shopping for his unit but never been lucky. I hope he got one this time. i am worried for him staying down in the basement to sleep. Told me it's much cooler down there. LOL! Sent u links for the finds I have these morning, hope you'll consider them or I might buy it for you and have it delivered... Hahaha... Joking but I'm a bit serious...

For myself, I might go watch a movie and do a lot of window shopping inside the mall to avoid the humidity...

(all pictures are from google images)


  1. that's a funny pic... looks like he's sweating and melting at the same time

    Oh and I believe your friend when he says that it's cooler down in the basement. You should try it :)

  2. @the island guy... luckily, my boss house is equipped with the best heating and cooling system... thanks for visiting today...

  3. We used to sleep in our basement when I was a kid. Luckily, I can tolerate the heat pretty well, so it doesn't bother me much. If I'm walking around outside I usually wear an old baseball cap and soak it whenever I can - keeping my head cool seems to keep the rest of me cool as well. Good luck with getting an A/C!

  4. JJ make sure you drink plenty of water
    This heat has been awful....and last night a severe thunderstorm... Chicago got 7inches of rain in 3 hours...what is going on with this weather
    Try a fan, and putting your feet in cold works to make you feel better

  5. @Suz, thanks for the advise. I do love drinking water. I avoid staying too much outside. It's terrible. I just found out that the 4 hours we did walk that day gave me a sun burn on my shoulders and they are starting to peel off today..

  6. @Vicki Lane, yes it surely is hot here...

  7. @li, good for you. Most of the people I know hates it...

  8. Hi, could I please ask the page owner if I could use the picture in the blog page. I will give credits to the owner

  9. Hi, could I please ask the page owner if I could use the picture in the blog page. I will give credits to the owner

  10. I work for a school called Kunskappsskolan, I would like to use the picture of man in front of fan to use for my primary students, thank you


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