Thursday, July 14, 2011

gardening and pool care

i learned two things today. the guys who are taking care of our lawn and our flowers taught me how to care for our roses. the flowers are now dry and he, the younger of the 4 told me it is better if we can remove the dried flowers so it will bloom again. i must say we have a good garden and lawn.

nick the guy! (ps. he doesn't know i took a picture of him. LOL!)
(isn't he a hot guy for a gardener... LOL!)

and then this afternoon. i got a chance to meet the pool guy. 
he is of course (LOL!) in charge of our pool.
sorry wasn't able to take a picture...
it will be obvious since he is asking me
to hold the brush and the vacuum.

he taught me how to manage the chemicals. 
how to check the safe level of it.
how to make sure that all the machine, namely;
the pump, the heater, the lights and the
attachments for the vacuum is running well.
taken after they left. trying to apply what i learned.
hope i am good enough to be a pool boy... 

and after the hard work, 
of course, 
i needed a break 
and enjoy it...

yes! i know how to swim (LOL!)
my house back home in the Roxas, Palawan, Philippines
is 400 meters away from the beach... 


  1. 400m sounds perfect! thanks JJ!

  2. @Old Ollie, yes it is... and my sister is developing a simple resort about 10km away from our home. see the pic below this blog... thanks for the visit..

  3. you are a rascal
    enjoy the pool

  4. Seems like your learning lots and enjoying your job.Very nice.Suz calls you a rascal...I'm thinking of a different name but best not to write it here,hahaha
    Have a nice day and enjoy the weekend.
    Catch ya later...

  5. @ Suz, thanks. i will surely enjoy it with this humidity...

    Rascal, LOL!

  6. @Gary, thanks for checking the blog. i'll be working this weekend but i'll find ways to enjoy. the rascal will try to enjoy. LOL!


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