Saturday, July 2, 2011

Toronto today...

i don't know if how my family would react if they know that i am going to Toronto today to celebrate... hahaha... who cares anyway! there's a party. no other thing to do but to join them... hehehe... i just wanna experience it, so that when i'm old whatever may happen tonight, bad or good, i tried it and at the end will never have the regrets of not experiencing it... anyway, 
i believe that the gift of experience is the best gift of all.
it remains forever... so off i go... just a piece of advise, make sure that when you give this kind of gift, make sure it's good for it remains forever, so any bad ones will be there like a stain... so be careful...

as early as 4am, i have been receiving text messages from my Canadian friends confirming if i am coming or not... and the answer is "YES!" for sure my filipino friends are busy doing whatever it costume they will be wearing for tomorrow. i am excited for them... can't join them tho.... it's alright to be just an expectator... will i be able to post the pics here? we'll, that we will see... i don't wanna be rated - for adults only... hahaha...

let's see what kind of experience this celebration will give me...

PS... thanks Gary for the advise... yes i'll go for it... i deserve to be happy... who is not anyway?!..


  1. enjoy the party jj! looking forward to your pics.

  2. @ Sean count on that... i will... thanks for the visit!..


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