Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Driving Lessons

(Day 8 - 10 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

I spent my whole night reading the driver's handbook. I have read it before I took my G1 exam. But because I am starting my schooling, this is serious for me as my boss is requiring us to drive, I might as well read the new handbook that I ordered online. the latest one.

It is hard because where I am from, we only have one highway. There is no so much traffic lights or signals. And because of life difficulty, I have never drove a four wheeled vehicle, but give me a motorbike and I'll drive it. But another but, i have parked a car, put them in and out of the garage, drove on a parking lot. But never did it on the highway or the street. Anyways, this is exciting for me. And back home, onlynyour relatives or friends will teach you how to drive, here, to be sure that I will learn the right things, I have to enroll myself in a driving school. Oh my! The goes my 2 weeks pay...

so I will be taking the lessons all Saturday's of august. Wish there will be some cute fellows on my class, hahaha... So I will be excited to attend the lessons and not feeling obliged to do it. Or a cute instructor...

Oh And by the way, I want to thank my reliever for approving my request of getting all the Saturday's of August. Told him I wanna finish this before the winter comes. He understood and said 'yes'... Thanks Pat!


  1. RoadTrip! I started driving when I was about 12. I had my own car when I was 15. To me, driving is freedom.
    Good luck.

  2. @Life 101, Oh thank you for the visit sir! And I'm deeply honored having you on my list of followers.

  3. I know this story is well in the past, but I still want to know how it went. Anyway, I think it’s amazing that you spent a whole night reading your driver’s handbook. Many skip studying the theories and head to the steering wheel right away, which is never good. I know your efforts were rewarded, JJ. Have fun driving!

  4. It really pays to read your driver’s handbook! I hope your sacrifice was all worth it! I know by now you’re already a licensed driver, I just hope that you’ll be a responsible one. Drive safely always!


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