Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost Admiration

(Day 10 - 8 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

when i was just starting to make my blog. i have been following some bloggers who i thought would be an inspiration. aside from that, blogs that is worth reading everyday instead of listening to the news of how bad the world is going.

i have this admiration for a young man. although his knowledge of the language is not enough, he was able to make his pictures and drawings alive. and i really envy him at the start because i can see how artistic the guy is. he is amazing. but recently, he is relying so much to his collaborators. i can no longer see the original him. i even have thought that he maybe, just maybe, never understood what is written on his own blog. i find it a waste of talent. besides, for him to learn it, he must continue to strive more. there are a lot to learn from this blogging. i never thought myself that i can be doing this. and i am eager to learn it.

anyways, i hope he realizes it and go back to being him. i kind of missing the original him. i do not want to lose him anyway.

btw, i just learned from my cousin and my boss that i can really walk across the "rainbow bridge". so my plan now is to take the bus to Niagara Falls and walk across the border. i would love to stand in between the two countries and take a picture. hahaha... i'm getting more excited everyday...

i just thought, if there is any blogger that is close to me. i would love to visit you guys and join u for coffee. hehehe... just give me the directions.

ps. Happy Friday! Have a good one and a great weekend ahead...

Btw, oh second day of rain. I just love it. For sure these rainy days will be bringing a new life to the garden and lawn. Thanks God!

This is just an additional for today:

I was watching CTV Am News this morning and heard about the debt of the US government. And that the newscaster even mentioned that the Chinese as the biggest creditor of the US are sending their gov't people to Washington urging them to look seriously about this because they are afraid that they cannot meet their obligations on time. Oh my! What is happening? They say one trillion, some billion and whatever dollars. He even added it is quite bizarre, that a communist investing in a capitalist... I don't exactly knew the impact of it, but merely knowing the basic definition of the word, sounds scary!

And just to note the blog post that I read yesterday by RBurnettBaker on "Baker's Take". The false advertisement must be taken into a concern. What the h_ _ k is this? is this suppose to be part of the daily lives. I admire people in their eagerness to enhance their look as it adds confidence if you think you look good because i dont... ill buy skin beauty whatever, do it for 2 - 3 days and stop. But for goodness sake, consumers, let us know when to say 'NO!" we should know when we are just being fooled.

And the famine in Somalia. I salute people who are trying their best giving their time, government money and their lives to send out help and support... And then the insurgents trying to stop it. Oh for heaven's sake.

Oh God, please help us!

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