Friday, July 15, 2011

longest bike ride

My boss Dok Tim has been asking me the favor to change his bike pedals for almost three weeks now. i have check all our tools and my boss Sir Mark's tools, which are just lying on the basement untouched since he got his stroke. but i cannot find the right range. 

i even bought a vice grip last weekend thinking that i can do it when i am back. but no luck! it's either i don't know or i don't have the right tool. which for sure 99% the first one. LOL!

so instead, i went for the biggest challenge of my life. drove the bike from the house with an astounding 11.5km distance to the bike center. and i made it...

 halfway through...
just got home...

i was actually amazed that i am not exhausted. 
i am even thinking before taking the challenge
of options just in case i cannot make it.
anyways, buses here are very good 
and accommodating with bikers.

now i know what i can do for an extra 
exercise when i have free time...


  1. Dear Jj: I love biking! Yes, you are in Toronto, not sure how many bike paths there are there. Biking in TO can be very dangerous as there are so many cars, etc.
    Having lived in TO (I grew up there in the 60's). Now I live in a smaller place where there are, thankfully many bike paths.
    We need to make more bike paths as they are much safer.
    Also bike helmets I believe are mandatory for children. I need to get one that makes me look good!No helmet hair!

  2. @chiccoreal, oh i live in burlington. it's quite safer here than toronto. i know. i dont even think i can drive there. i grew up in the province and i am not a fan of the city. just for fun yes... i love this area from oakville to niagara falls...


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