Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Unwanted Grass...

(Day 11 - 7 days more before my "cross-the-US-border" experience)

funny that when i went back to work here at Sir M's [(i got two jobs - daughter (managing the house) and father (2 day live-in-caregiver)], he called for me immediately after my buddy left (he is full time with sir M) and point to the lawn. i myself cannot find anything wrong except for the fact that i saw that our grass are cut a little short than the what it is suppose to be.

last year when i arrived my sister taught me that grass are suppose to be cut at least 3 inches. when they are cut too short, the more that the weeds can grow fast and invade the whole lawn.

Sir M asked me what is wrong with the lawn. So i told him that the grass are cut to short. he shook his head and give me his game face... LOL! so i asked, why sir, anything wrong? he told me, that the crab grass should be pulled off. Oh my! i never knew that they are not suppose to be there... hahaha... back home we just let them grow for the animals to eat. so yesterday morning i started pulling off the unwanted grass from the backyard and did the front yard this morning.

at the breakfast table, Miss V, the gf of my boss told him that just like yesterday i was already working at the garden by 6am. yes! i never had a good sleep last night. although i am really a morning person, waking up around 5:30-6AM and having my coffee if i have to work, but i usually stay on bed or inside my room til about 7am during the weekend. This morning i just can't stay on bed thinking. i rather be moving and working. I was worried about a silly thing. but no need to worry friends, it's already solved just minutes ago.

so here are some photos of what i did, and some photos taken with my new Sony Camera. Thanks Robb for it!  after 3 hours off work i got sore fingers. it's terrible pulling off grass when they are cut too short. i can barely hold them. huh! my buddy will hear something from me when he comes back. this is suppose to be his job being the full time worker here. i hate video games and internet. he spends so much time on them than his work.

yeah! i know! i know! there's still more near the street. i'll do it later...

                                                                     Sir M and Miss V...

and tomorrow i will try to capture the birds, the chipmunks and whatever, LOL!


  1. Great Photos! I hope you spot a chipmunk tomorrow or at least a colorful bird :-)

    Have a nice weekend :-)


  2. @T.O. Geezer,i will try my best sir... LOL! thanks for the visit... blessed Sunday!

  3. Nice flowers! We're not so picky about out lawn. If it 's green, that's fine with us -- crab grass, dandelions, whatever.

  4. @Vicki Lane, thank u again for the visit. i would love to have greens too.. but they are somewhat specific. LOL! anyway, being paid anyway, while sitting and pulling grasses off. and camera on the side...

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. The flowers are gorgeous! We don't have much crabgrass, but we have ugly thistles which are prickly and hard to pull out. I hate them! Your new camera takes great photos.


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