Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Sunday in 'treal...

What a wonderful day to start my first Sunday here in Montreal. Although I woke up late because of too much beer drinking with my long time friend cora and her cousin Kaye, the weather is just very inviting to come out and have a walk. And to my surprise that I woke up with no hangover at all, as I was expecting for it.

So I put on my very comfy shorts and sando and slippers and off I go out of the small kingdom I was able to afford.
       (located 901A Rue St. Catherine)

after 2 hours of walk i found a very beautiful spot in a diner - Restaurant Jacques Cartier. Got a good seat near the walk way and have my brunch serenaded by violin playin on the small park just right in front of the diner.

The weather is great, the food is fantastic, no hangover, nice music, lovely people passing sweet couple sharing breakfast around me... Lovely!

and for the first i have my first funny cartoon portrait... LOL! and guess what got a lot of people taking pictures while this is being done. some kind of weird feeling. i don't know if it is good or bad. they are giving me some facial expressions that i don't know how to interpret. 

ok! ok! i'm giving you the right to laugh... 
i laughed at it myself..

and here are some more pictures taken while having my walk...

you bet.. he is my type. and i
go for it.. took a picture. the
wife not knowing... anyways,
he does not know either...

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  1. love the caricature haha! montreal looks nice. what's the temperature this time of the year jj?


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