Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Knock On My Head...

people who have read my earlier posts and will be reading this posts would surely be thinking, what is this guy, insane?

okay, i'm way off to writing everything about my emotions on my blog. i think i need to refresh everything and go back to what this blog is suppose to be. share of happy thoughts, maybe not all the times (still giving a hint that i might post craziness, LOL!) good outlooks in life, simple poetry that i can and will try to do (which i have started already and went out of focus because of a lot of silly undertakings), but as i have said i am back... back on my senses...

i have things settled yesterday and that made me happy. most oftentimes we really need some knock on our head to be awaken... i am now back to square 1 (not the mall in mississauga, ON, LOL!). my very good friend is right, the world is so full of misery, sadness and chaos. if i am going to write mine here it is already too much for the readers. most of us go online to see some good news, science breakthroughs, home remedy, new gadgets and so on and so forth. and waiting for your suggestions on how i can make my other blog (Mis Canciones) exciting so people would like it. Waiting?..

and writing some more to add to these, i mean world misery; would surely be not appealing to whoever is gonna open my page. and for sure would not even finish the first paragraph, would probably go away immediately. he is right in telling me that i need to go back, freshen up and set-up my priorities. what needs to be done must be done first. (that's besides the blogging) oh JJ, you are such a failure whenever you are in love. i get so focused on it. i don't know. but in a way, i always make sure that my job/work is not affected by my personal or love affair. i always make sure of that, so don't worry my friend.

it is just so many idle time. times that aside from my mother, mostly i use it to think about you. what you're doing, have you eaten, have you slept well, just everything... idle times are crazy times... so guys, if you have anything that i can do for you.; like encoding or online researching (LOL! LOL!), i would gladly do it. just email me or comment and i'll do it. i would probably be using it up for a very useful cause.

for now, i am looking for some inspiration for what will be next for this blog. i was actually thinking of deleting this or to discontinue, but on the other hand, i just thought why. i started with a very good idea and these wonderful people who gave me moments of their time to read whatever i have and to follow me; for sure have seen something in me or in this blog and i must not disappoint them.

oh! i know it won't be easy but i'll try my best. the weather is nice and i'll start with it and see some possibilities of what i can do to enjoy it. maybe some fresh air, some new sights will give me what i am looking for.

so for that, i will be going to MONTREAL, the first city that i will visit outside of Ontario. You guys knew what needs to be seen or done there... please i need suggestions. things that would not cost a lot of money. i'm a bit of a backpacker type of traveller... your ideas and suggestions will be highly appreciated...

your friend,


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