Tuesday, July 26, 2011

planning for the next days to come

(Day 7 - 11 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

hahaha... after being away from work for almost 5 days,
i am now back to work.
still i have the happy thoughts of
what have transpired during the past week.
the birthday, the anniversary and the
US Consulate experience i have.

that week was a very high week for me.
a lot of things that i never thought would happen.

nevertheless, i want to note that my boss
who is very generous, gave me exact pay that
they usually gave me even i just worked
for two days instead of five.
one thing that i need to be thankful
of God. After all the years of hard labor,
i am placed to where i will be better.
I may not be earning as much as the others.
but being treated like human and with their
generosity i am very blessed indeed.

going back,
now that i already got my tourist visa to the US,
i am panning for a cross-the-border experience
on my next days-off.

whew! if only i don't have to be at my driving
class next saturday, i could have been packing
my bags then. i am not that excited, ei? LOL!

to think that i went to help a help tidy up his
apartment, which is both unexpected to me and him.
He sold to me, not a very good camera
for those who are really into photography,
but for somebody like me "a point and shoot"
photo guy. i think it is more than what i needed.
for $100, he sold to me his Sony DSC-H1 Camera
with two other zoom lenses, and the memory card.
Isn't it wonderful?

oh Suz, my fairy-blog-mother,
i will surely note/document all of my trips; not only
in the US but everything...

oh by the way! if you want to have your place cleaned up,
invite me for breakfast. you will surely be happy
after the day is through. i am a clean freak guy.
you cannot stop me from tidying up.
JJ = Tidy.
besides, I love doing household chores.
One thing that my mother had been outstanding.
To teach us all how to love doing that.
Yes, i am one of those who loves to iron sheets
and even my "maong" jeans...

so i am all set up to have my first
cross-the-border experience on
August 12, 2011, friday after work at 5pm...
finally, after being to Niagara falls
for four times, i will now see it on the other
side. and I can now cross the Rainbow Bridge...
Yehey! can't wait for that...


  1. @Vicki Lane, thank you very much!

  2. Sounds like a fun time, hope it's a good trip!

  3. Thanks for the visit Mr. Pat Hatt. And thanks for the comment...

  4. pwede! sa canada ba? hahahah :D thanks for dropping by

  5. @Sure sir mots dito sa canada... Dali bilis! Hahaha...


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