Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Mr. R

(Day 5 - 13 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

i can still clearly remember
how we met,
how we started our conversation,
as how you remember every lyric
of the songs, words of poems
that you would always share
to me every time we are together...
that billiard table,

at Woody's bar...

a very unusual place to meet and greet...

the spot where i am seated when
you approached me...
and introduced yourself...

the corona beer,
that chinese guy you are playing with...
how you would just laugh
because he is beating you up easily.

how you envited me to go home.
because i can no longer
disturb my friend where i am staying...
I thought you're Canadian or at least
Living in Toronto. So I was thinking
I will be sleeping on a couch.
A little nervous when you lead the way
To the hotel. Never did this ever.
This is the first time. Anyway, I'm old
Enough to do this. Hahaha....

how we spent that night together.
i took the right side of the bed,
and how you slept soundly
not mentioning, snoring. LOL!

We didn't do it that night time.LOL!...
We just kissed and hug.
You are pretty drunk and
You just fall asleep to quick.

And when the daytime comes.
I can still remember how surprise
You are to see me.
It seems like you are pretty loaded
Of beer that night. That you didn't
Remember inviting me home.
Oh my! I even thought you might
think I did something wrong. LOL!

But to my surprise, after an hour
of lying back to back, you turned
around and hug me and kissed me.
what a relief?

And there, we made it.
I can still remember how
we did it. I still can remember vividly.
I've never been so happy.
It's so passionate and sensual at
The same time. Make me smile
Everey time I remember that

And we showered together.
Funny? how we switch water
temperature, as I love the water a little
cold and you want it a little too warm
for me. How we soaped each other.
Those kisses on the shower.

And you invited me for breakfast on
that diner near the hotel.

And invited me to have a
A walk along yonge street.
How you
put your arms around me
whenever we stop
and look on display windows.
yes! we never mind PDA...
(Public Display of Affection)

That bench where we sat to rest for a while.
do you still remember?

That picture I took on my phone
at Dundas Square in front front of Eaton Center...

And just right before I took the
subway train to go back to work
at 1pm. That you told me you want
to see me again and ask for my number.
And the way you told me 'I love you'
Is unforgettable. I am not ready yet
and I don't know how to react
and what to expect. But nevertheless,
because I can see something in you
I just didn't care and replied back
'I love you!'

And that's the start of it.
I still have all our exchanges of messages
in my old phone. Reason that I cannot
dispose it. Those were my memories of you.
It is on those messages that I learned
of this wonderful day!

Happy 1st Year Anniversary!
(pictures are taken by jj rodriguez,
at the appoximate time it happened
a year ago... effort! hahaha...)

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