Monday, July 4, 2011

Lost Soul amidst the Festival

i must admit i made a mess of myself weekend.
in my eagerness to combat myself for
dragging me insane and sad,
i instead made a fool of myself.

while the whole city of toronto
is partying and having fun.
drinks, music and food.
laughters, hugs and kisses

i am sad, alone and lost...
just like how the people of Toronto
crying over why their good mayor
did not show up to the festival...
me too, im crying why you didn't
show up...

but don't worry
i know you're tired
and sore and
you cannot come...

and not the end of everything...

luckily i have found new friends that have
kept me company.

i wanna say thank you to Dennis
for introducing me to his
wonderful mom Dorothy,
sister Mary.
                 with Dorothy                              With Dennis & Eddie

his friends

Sorry got no pics with the following:
David, Mary and Robert...

Dean and Steve, Dennis

and Kim

some pics i got from the parade...
sorry, for one i am late
second i am too short..
cannot get any good view...

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