Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22... A very special day...

(Day 3 - 15 more to go for my "cross-US-the-border" experience)

I am so happy that he opted to celebrate his birthday with me. As I have posted last night. We went to watch the BLUE MAN GROUP show and he was right that it is a good start to celebrate. The show is fantastic. A must see!

copied from my post from Mis Canciones...

To you, happy happy birthday! 

It is indeed unforgettable... 

every minute we had
is always an unforgettable
gift of experience.
a moment that money cannot buy.

truly you have made
every moment of my life with
you, unforgettable...

and for the patience,
2 more days and it is our first year anniversary...
thank you very much!

I Love You...

                                                                                            sorry he is camera shy...
 a little privacy... hahaha...
 the Show Members
 main cast
 main cast
 main cast
 the Program
his ticket                                                                        My ticket
at the theater entrance


  1. huwaw! happy birthday sa kanya. at happy anniversary sa inyo. cheers! :)

  2. I have seen them in Chicago
    they were very entertaining
    glad you are smiling and having a fun time

  3. Suz, they are very entertaining.... he gave me again a gift i cant forget... thanks!

  4. happy birthday to him and advanced happy anniv to you, jj!


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