Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Ready

i have checked all the docs that i need for my interview next week. Oh Lord! i hope they grant  me the Visa that i am asking. my boss was so good in helping me out with the support docs that the embassy might  be needing.

and this afternoon, i might as well go for my haircut to at least look decent. is that needed? LOL! i always try to look best whenever i go for an interview no matter what kind.

if it is only easy to say that i have been working all my life since i was thirteen to help my family survive. at least my meager income would support what i need for some extra activities that i am so interested in joining in school. we are eight siblings, mother was 37 when my father died at age 44. i was ten years old then.

i made it all the way from the Philippines to here in Canada on my own. Oh my that so selfish of me... my apology. i have friends who are morally supporting me. and my family who have support me financially in their own little ways. but of course, it was my courage and desire to help my family have a better life that i took the initiative of applying for whatever good opportunity that come my way.

now that i am doing good in here. good employer, happily settled in burlington, ON, CA; i wanted to have a little fun that i can afford. Hope that see it in me. I just need to have some fun after 28 years of working.

Please help me pray!

God bless!

editing to add my picture... just got home from the barber @ 5.10pm
my boss told me. he likes it. good summer looking haircut... 


  1. I wish you the best. I hope your life is filled with fun and smiles from now on :)

  2. @the island guy, thank you my friend...


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