Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

i woke up this morning having that song in my mind. maybe my subconscious is telling me to not worry too much about things. any life is not smooth sailing everyday. that there will always be rainy days. We just need to be prepared to face the challenge.

i remember when i was young, i always love it when it's raining. for one, we were always allowed to play outside the house and get soaked on rain water. it's like a big water party for me, my siblings, friends and neighbors. and at the end of the day, my father would always say he is happy because the rice fields are sufficient with water. and those times that bottled water is not yet popular in our hometown, we will have rain water in our water tanks.

and after the rain, we will all go home. get dressed and as we gather back outside the house, we will see the rainbow. and we will even argue about the right sequence of the colors. oh! those were the days.

so the song say, if you have trouble and when you worry you make it double. yeah Bob Marley is right. find a solution and get over it. "cause when u worry, your face will frown and that would bring everybody down"...

now that everything is falling back into place and sunshine is coming back. i guess i just have to go with Bob Marley. BE HAPPY! and i am... i am very happy!..

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