Friday, June 17, 2011

another day

it is so annoying that when while i'm sweeping the floor. or being my boss' sous chef, dusting the furnitures or even sitting on the throne every morning, i have all this idea that i wanted to write, either about me, my disappointments, my love (sino na kaya to? confused, hahaha!), or a recipe, or things i thought the government of the Philippines need to do to make a better life back there. kahit nga minsan naisip ko na tumakbong presidente... hahaha... but when i am already in front of my macbook (dapat ba sabihin, halatang walang mai encode para humaba ang post, hahaha...) nothing is coming into my mind.

then i thought to buy a recorder. me ganun pa ba ngayon? but when i found one, too hesitant to buy it, kind of the price is not good for the money. besides i am not earning that much. but, if i really want to do some good and sensible writing that i know i need a tool that would help me. tsk tsk tsk... i think i rather put it in my wish list... maybe somebody have an old one or an extra money to give it to me as a gift. hahaha... just joking... but, jokes are half meant... parinig talaga di ba? there will be one day that i will just but it without thinking...

so today, after all the agony as express in my old posts, i don't know why suddenly i woke up feeling good. maybe i am over it. or i just have accepted the fact that, who the heck i am expecting to shoulder my illness (illness na ba dapat kung itawag doon? hahaha... confused talaga!), di naman na ipapasa yon sa iba. or that blog of "mots" that i found this morning through "city bouy" helped me have a good mood. for it gave me a good laugh.

the doctor told me to stop eating so much of the fatty and salty food. ano ba yon? sana he told me to kill myself na lang. hehehe... my family's medical history, ahhh! it is always about hypertension, heart disease (of course) and diabetes... sana Lord huwag naman muna ako. i haven't cross the rainbow bridge to new york yet... hehehe... and avoid stress daw (is it possible?). if that is possible, e di sana everybody have avoided it.

kaya last night, when i thought what should i do to avoid stress, which i usually have late at night before sleeping. caused by no beep beep or ring ring on my phone from whoever, hahaha... ayan na naka arch na ang eyebrow. at ang pango kong ilong at kissable kung lips nagsalu-salubong na. then it would lead me to think, is there anybody in any part of the world is thinking or loving me? stress na nga, i went for a jog in this wonderful village where i live, called the beverly hills of burlington... stressed pa ko sa lagay na ganyan kaganda ang area where i live; so too exhausted after making pa-cute to the rich neighbors... hahaha... kaya after having a nice warm shower, all i can do is sleep... good for my brain, good for my health and mostly good for my aching heart...

ayan sabi ko wala akong maisulat, pero bakit parang ang haba na... hahaha... if i have time later today, ill try to make a translation of the Tagalog words to English! hope i can translate them as naughty and funny as i have it in my native tongue... or is there anybody who can help me out... call a friend... teka teka... do i have a friend ba? hehehe...

have a nice day people. i hope kahit minsan mapansin naman nya ang blog ko at basahin lahat ng posts ko para malaman nya na sobra na ang tampo ko at ewan saan to hahantong...

love u guys and have a great friday and great weekend ahead...

God bless...

and for that person who os keeping me alive and pushing me to think positiviely all these days, thank you very much! don't worry my friend i will keep you posted of my emotional, physical and mental state... LOL!


  1. Dar JJ
    Thank you for commenting on Fridge Soup. It is a communal blog and everybody there has a blog of their own, so only I will visit your blog, because I am the administrator there.

    I am sorry that you are not feeling very well and I hope your situation, mentally, physically and emotionally will soon improve. Keep positive and keep hoping and laughing!

    Best wishes,

  2. Oh Maam Thank you for visiting... i'm gonna be ok...

  3. I'm reading Depak Chopra's Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.
    It is a very interesting book on how to improve your life, health, and energy level.
    Take care.

  4. @Life 101... Thank you very much sir for sharing that. i think i have to check it out... this weekend i'm not doing anything that would be put in the list. and thank you for visiting my blog...


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