Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is me...

photo courtesy of Tess Kincade
Magpie Tales #71

oh this picture is the perfect description of myself
She how the dark paint on the bottom and
On the background gave a floating-like feeling on
Those bright and radiant colored objects.

I am always been feeling that way.
I am not afraid of taking chances
As long as I know that I carefully thought of
What to do and what things to bring along the way.

See how in between those objects
You can feel that there is air
A place for you to breath
A moment where you can rest.

And on the other hand
When deeply looking at it
You anticipate that there will be falling
Yet the fall is smooth and safe.

I am not afraid of committing a mistake
As long as along the way
I don't step on someone and do my best
I'll get up there for sure.

Anyway, those bright colored objects
represents my strength
my capacity
and my eagerness to make it...
I don't mind being slow
As long as it's moving upward or forward.
Great people have tried it several times
Making a lot of trial & error before making it to the top.

So why can't I?


  1. Your attitude will sustain and lift you like these sculptures. The difference in the beauty of the objects and your attitude is that you need no wires to hold it all in place! You only need belief in yourself!


  2. Very inspiring, great attitude you have!

  3. You will get there, just keep on being who you are.

  4. An interesting take on the picture...

  5. @ Friko, thank you for the encouragement...

    @ Vicki Lane, thank you for the appreciation...

  6. I especially liked the lines 'you can feel that there is air/ a place for you to breathe
    well done

    Happy Canada Day for tomorrow


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