Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's my Big Day!..

since life begins at 40... finally, i am one year old by midnight... or if set in the Philippines where i am born, today!

still praying and hoping to see my special someone... not loosing hope. anyway my birthday is until midnight tomorrow... i hope things will be ok...

so help me God!... God Bless me and everyone reading this...


  1. thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog about your mama
    yes...we love our grand children...ache to see them and their shiny faces...and then I saw that yhou are from the Philippines..of course your mama is a good grandma.....My grand children's mother is of Philippine decent
    And I hope you get your wish on your grand birthday
    Happy Birthday JJRod'z

  2. thanks SUZ! now having u on my blog means I have to do better.LOL! seen & read your writings, one of the blogs that inspire me to be try making my own... yes my mother Have flaws but imagine her raising 8kids on her own at age 38 when my father died. eldest is 18 & the youngest 1.5yo... she is the best mom!


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