Friday, June 24, 2011

the wedding preparation for saturday

this is what is going on at the backyard of my boss'... there will be a wedding reception on saturday. and i am helping them out because they are so busy. i'm making sure that things are done the way they expect it to be. i feel so good being that confidence to manage it for them...

flower pots need to be ready...
lawn has to be cut...
tent has to be fixed nicely (12X12meters)
the tables and chairs...
the pool need to be covered nicely - the dance floor will be on top of it
the guy who will do the windows must finish the job


  1. Alot of preparation there definetley is for such a huge event.Everything is looking amazing and what a beautiful home to have it at.
    Enjoy the week... alot of work but a great opportunity this is for you as well.
    I can see from your pics that you are working very hard..hehe

  2. thanks Gary! working very hard posing for the camera.. hahaha...

  3. Dear Jj: Looks wonderful! That's a lot of work! Hope you take pics at the wedding! Love to see them! Enjoy!

  4. @ chiccoreal, thanks! yes my boss have been so generous of me. this home is my home away from home. surely i will post pictures of the wedding...


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