Monday, June 20, 2011

the past.. the present

the past is always the basis of the present..
sad that we sometimes let
our old family pictures,
our family portraits
sit and hang where
they cannot be seen...
let them out
for they speak for us
they speak of our family..

(picture posted at Magpie Tales)


  1. I love the idea of photos that "speak of our family." It's so true!

  2. Yes! This past week I've been enlarging and framing such family photos for what will be my "family" wall at home. The photos absolutely speak of my family, and speak to the past which is so obvious in Tess's photo.

    Excellent Magpie!!

  3. Thanks Rick... that's a good idea for everyone!..

  4. Fondly touching on the meaning of family photos. Well done.

  5. Dear Jj Rodriguez: A wonderful poem! Knowing history is important for future generations and keeping families strong!

  6. ..certainly true facts Jj... true facts of being buried in time for many years... harsh, isn't it??? thanks for the poem...'tis short and simple yet it volumes... keep the muse alive.(:

    Brightest blessings.


  7. Like Rick, we have a 'family wall.' A nice way to remember...

  8. excellent take on the photo- well done!

  9. the certainly do. Our past also makes us who we are and our pictures remind us.

  10. @ Reflections, thank you for that note...

    @ Chiccoreal, that is true indeed. thank you!

    @ Kelvin, again you made me feel good with what i'm doing. thanks!

    @Vicki Lane, that's good to know. it will always remind you of who and
    where you are from... love it... as soon as i have my own
    place, that will be part of my home...

    @ Kathe W, thank you for the appreciation.

    @ Friko, thanks for that.

    and for you guys, THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY BLOG... your visit drives me more to continue trying.

  11. The photos do speak of our families, our roots. We have some on display, but our relatives kept so many! ...far too many to display, and I'm worse about keeping too many.

    It's amazing to me that the Lord God knows all of us, all of our families, all of our years, all of our generations.

  12. Thanks Jim Swindle for that... hahaha... same with mine. anyways, we have kept our ancestral home like a museum for the family...

    Thanks for the visit!

  13. Yes, they do speak. And sometimes glare :)

  14. Thanks for the comment Miss Margaret and thanks for visiting...

  15. Matud talaga dan jay, dapat pirming aca betang ang mga litrato sa ateng mga balay-balay para pirmi naten adedemdeman ang ateng mga gurang-gurang.

  16. wow! my first ever Palaweno Comment... i love that... he/she mentioned: it is just right that we need to hang our elders pic so we can continue remember them... again, thank you very much!

  17. you are a shining light
    love the idea of family gathered on a wall
    to be with while absent from
    good one JJ

  18. @ Suz, thank you! another awesome visit of yours...

  19. Lovely poem and I must agree with Suz

  20. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Let them out!

  21. @ mindlovemisery, thank you for the visit on my blog and the appreciation...

    @ Tess Kincaid, your visit once again inspired me to take the next challenge... you are an inspiration...


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