Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canada Day

after celebrating the Philippine Independence Day last June 12 with some friends in Toronto. I am now set to experience Canada Day, wasn't able to experience it last year because i don't know my way yet. i arrived june 23 12.30am... Yehey! i'm i year and 1 week in Canada now... although i am at work my boss' girlfriend will be here to to keep him company, and they gave me time to go out and watch the fireworks at the Lakeshore just here in Burlington.

Alone! yes i am! hahaha... i should have titled this Alone on Canada Day! and getting used to it... yehey! but looking forward to meet new friends while watching it. anyways, the Canadians are very warm and i never had any problems mingling with them. there is such a common factor Filipinos and Canadians, our being warm...

and on my day off on saturday, i am set to go to Toronto to join my friends and see what Gay Pride Parade is. hehehe.. i never been into one. i know that in Taipei, Taiwan there is also a Pride Parade but i've never been to one. so i am all set to go. i have invited someone to be with me but no luck! he is so tired of his terrible job and he cannot make it... but who knows? surprise! surprise!... hahaha... wish there is a shooting star so i can make my spell or a wishing well so i can make a wish!

That's going to be my weekend... and next week looking forward to start my driving lessons... where would my driving take me, up to Quebec or across the border in Niagara? we will know...


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