Monday, June 27, 2011

Open Relationship!

What the hell is this about? just to get your attention... I don't swear!

In love, I am very generous because I can love 101% more than I love myself that is why every break up is devastating for me. He will be the first thing that would come in mind as i open my eyes and the last thing that I will be thinking of before sleeping.

Will always be the part of every prayer, every step that I do everyday.

But my generosity does not, I repeat DOES NOT include sharing him to others. I am selfish in that area.I want an inclusive relationship when it comes to sex. One, I find it sacred for partners. I don't want walking around with whoever and every person that we will meet on the road is looking at us with me doubting if that was the person you are with while I'm not around. That would kill me...

Second reason, HEALTH! Do I have to explain why? Of course not...

I'm in doubt again....LOL! Daanin ko na lang sa tawa!... Hahahaha....

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  1. I would imagine an open relationship could be difficult.
    Take care of yourself.


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