Thursday, June 2, 2011

not now... i'm sick...

... why now. i am sick since yesterday after doing an extra job to earn extra for my birthday. i guess i rather be contented for what i can afford for my birthday. this is my first canadian birthday, i just wanted to have a little more for those that i have invited and said yes. but, why? i am what i am, they have to take it or leave... bwahahaha... oh now i know, good health is i think my best gift to myself. i do not want to be sick especially on my birthday... please?

... anyway, through my sister's help, whom i owe it a lot. everything is set for my birthday dinner on June 4, although my birthday is the next day, 5th.

... still praying that my special guy would be there... hi RB! but not hoping much. that's everyone's advise including you so i won't get hurt if it won't happen. i love you and i just want to be with you on that special day.

... anyways, i believe that when you are in a relationship, special occasions are usually considered the time to be together. guess, i just miss you so much...


  1. according to the cute dermatologist sitting beside me while we are having a haircut. the kind of dandruff i have shows that i am stress. and i told him that whenever my birthday is coming, i'm always like this. free consultation na may prescription pa. lucky i am.

    but the good thing he told me is - that i admit and accept that i'm stressed kaya may solusyon pa... Good heavens. Now, ill try to live a happy, worry and stress free life.

    so help me God!

  2. never felt so alone for a long long time. this is just fever and flu. well treated after visiting a doctor. but being alone made me feel so weak and sad. please, not on my birthday... give me a good reason to celebrate. and i dont want to show my friends and family a sad sick face. i want them to see me happy.

  3. trying to work even im sick. terrible! i sprain my right ankle... what's happening to me... i feel so low... very low...


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