Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a shell... a life...

photo from Magpie Tales...
(my first try...)

just like a cocoon
so beautiful, so calm
but a there will be a time
for the butterfly to go
and see the beauty of flowers...

just like a nest
carefully constructed by birds
to lay eggs and nourish their offspring
yet there will be a time for baby bird to leave
fly high and search for his place
to have his own...

just like a home...
built, for a comfort of a family
yet there will come a time for children to go
and have their own...

a shell,
a shelter, a beauty, a comfort,
but soon its gonna be empty...
why? to search for a bigger one
or to nourish human...

purpose of life...
a purpose of beauty...
a purpose of a thing....


  1. You can make a good lullaby out of this poem. Keep this draft. In the future, you'll surely look for the very first piece you did after you had decided to write.

  2. o Arian my new found friend... you are very kind to just read it... thank you very much!...

  3. ..i agree with Arian... i like the connections you made on this prompt... for me, you did it well... and i appreciate it...

    "just like a home...
    built, for a comfort of a family
    yet there will come a time for children to go
    and have their own..." liked this... indeed, really true... thanks for the poem and keep them coming. It's my second attempt at magpietales and i'm having fun... though writing is never new to me i still consider myself as an amateur.(:

    Brightest blessings.


  4. thanks Kelvin... having read all your works... i am greatly appreciate the comment... thank you...

  5. Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes.
    ~ Carl Sanburg
    This is beautifully written Jj... definetly a keeper. You do have talent and hope to see more of your poems in the future.

  6. Thanks Gary!... Very encouraging... I willl...

    Thank you very much!...

  7. I never really thought of a shell being like a cocoon, but it is, indeed, a nest, a place of nourishment. Very nice.

  8. Oh Miss Tess thank you for that... I greatly appreciate your visit.

    with the four best blogger's visit i am move to continue...

    thank you guys!..

  9. life's departures and home comings, well done.
    superb organization of your tale.

  10. @Jingle, thank you for the visit. your visit means a lot...


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