Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my medical exam

oh! finally i got a very good sleep after that getting the results of the tests yesterday.

The handsome Dr. J D S is so good to tell me all the good news. but before telling me the results, he first said, as i told you, as how i can see you, you are perfectly healthy and good. the tests did not show anything wrong. the chest pains may only be because of heavy liftings or overwork or stress... hahaha... he told me, anybody who may have or not have heart problems if they keep worrying would only make it worst or have it.

secondly, this is not new to me but first time that a doctor told me on my visit, that men in general who are 40yo in above must keep challenging themselves physically. do some exercise. men who are doing a 30 minutes workout three times a week have better chances of not having any health problems... so guys are you up to join me jog every other night?

but, he gave me aspirin to be taken daily. that is something for me.  but he said this is nothing... hust to make sure.

although he told me that he may suggest that i go through the stress test. and see how my heart would react. before leaving the handsome doctor's clinic, he told me keep smiling and keep happy thoughts. wish that is possible all the time.

and before leaving, he smiled sweetly and said book your stress test appointment. and it is always nice talking to you JJ... i smiled and replied... nice to talking to you too doc J!...

and for those that have expressed and showed concern, thank you very much!


  1. I'm glad that you're in good health. Are you going to get your exercise now?

    About the blogger problems. Madi and Mom just told me to clear my cookies. It worked and I was able to get my pictures to download onto my blog. I'm on Firefox, just in case it makes a difference.

  2. Wise words...gotta keep living.

  3. @ Louise, thanks for that info. i'm on macbook but ill try to check out my cookies... as you know apple have it's own terrible but good ways... hahaha..

    yes! my doctor told me that i need to stop worrying. i hope that is possible not only for me but for everyone.

    exercise, yes i think i have to do it. i use to dance since i was 4yo until about 35 before i went to taiwan. i love ballroom dancing. i think now i have to find something else since i cannot find a partner and my schedule wont allow me anyways...

    thanks for dropping by...

  4. yes..get that stress test
    you'll do fine..but you'll also know it

  5. yes... i went to a dance school at age 4... then during my university year to have a little income, i earned and danced ballroom dancing... thanks Suz for dropping by my blog...

  6. Glad the dr did a FULL workup. Always good to get the Chol checked too. EEG. Good health to you my friend!

  7. @ chiccoreal, thank you! i have promised myself that no matter what happened i have to have my annual check-up as soon as i turn 40... good that my health care in canada is good...


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