Sunday, June 26, 2011

the wedding party... the introduction...

it was an awesome party. guests are warm... the music, the venue and the food was fantastic...

but the best part of it was when my boss got up and surrounded by his family and we are introduced as the best caregivers a person can ever have. that we are making his life more meaningful and better. that we are now a member of their family. 

even during the picture taking, we were called to join them in the family picture. i almost cried of happiness especially when they mentioned that i was the one who monitored the ongoing preparation making sure that everything is going to be ready for the party. that introduction was beyond his and his family's kindness and generosity. it made me proud of what i'm doing. made me proud of myself. 

 my favorite crew... 

 the bride - Carly
 with the newlyweds - Carly and Andy

 sister Amy and Boyfriend Dane
 with uncle David and Pat (my co-worker)
 With cousin Mary and Boyfriend
 the very friendly crew
 this is the part when we are going to be introduced. 
 with brother Ryan...
 with sister krissta

the bartenders... who managed to put me to a sound sleep after the event was done...

we became an instant celebrity in that occasion. made a lot of friends. and i cannot count if how many guests have invited us to visit them in their homes.


  1. Dear Jj: The bride and groom are beaming, everyone looks so happy! The event looks spectacular, the tables so nicely set; very upscale! Pat yourself on the back; great job! Did you save us some wedding cake?

  2. @chiccoreal thanks for the visit again... Yes I did save some for u. R u coming here to get it or u want me to send it?

  3. Chiccoreal says it all ! Everyone, and everything looks spectacular ! You deserve alot of praise for all the hard work you put into this affair and it was so nice they gave you recognition for it. Well done !

  4. thanks Gary... u are such a sweet guy...

  5. The wedding reception looks great and the guests look very happy. Congratulations jj.


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