Thursday, June 23, 2011

good luck for us!

OMG! i have clearly done the schedule and my reliever is blaming me that it was unclear. told me that on his understanding he has full days off yesterday. coming out tuesday afternoon and coming back thursday afternoon, was that a day off? i don't know how to interpret it according to his understanding. he is suppose to be here at my boss' home for i need to go to the Villa and help prepare for the big preparation, a wedding reception.

to our disappointment no Pat arrived. we waited until 2 more hours. at 7pm my boss asked if we can phone him, i said i already did sent a message and phoned him earlier but it seems like his phone is still broken. i then try to searched for his phone home and luckily found it. when we called home, his aunt answered. she told me that Pat left home around 11am and will be reporting for work. that made everyone worry now. where is he?

his aunt telling us that he is not so honest with his aunt and not even telling them where he goes and who are his friends and his whereabouts (filipino culture, you need to tell them)... and he is most of the time "dishonest" made my boss worry and furious! oh my! i don't know what's gonna happen today.

luckily before i slept talking to my BF i sent him a message on YM, and when i woke up this morning i found his message saying that it's a miscommunication but he will do his best to come here on or before 8am so i can go to the Villa.  i hope he does. he is really unreliable when it comes to time. punctuality is already an issue with him. problem? because of my boss being so furious last night, he did recall all Pat's unbecoming and shortcomings... even made a sarcastic joke! i'm gonna fire him... i hope not...

anyways, i will be the overseer of the preparation for the wedding reception this saturday. the biggest work will be the pool being covered with fiber glass and they will set up the dance floor or the buffet table on top of it.. i don't know. i will surely post all some of the pictures. the party will be on saturday, june 25...

big thing for me. now i know giving me that work, they trust me... very fulfilling... i am only on this job for 10 months... thanks God!


  1. wow..what drama
    but it sounds like fun
    and a creative release

  2. @ Suz, thank you! i know... hahaha....i'm out of there now, he's there dealing with my boss. i don't know anymore...

  3. Being dependable goes a long way with most people (and companies).

  4. Good luck with your big event!

  5. It shows what type of person you are that they put so much trust in you for such a huge event.They are very lucky to have you there.I'm sure it will be a very busy week for you but will also be an enjoyable one as well !
    Dependability is very important... as you know..I could use a few more people at work in that
    Enjoy the week... :)


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