Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stress Test

ok finally at 11am, i have completed all the tests that the doctor have requested me to do and i am willing to do. the first set of tests were the blood and the urine test which was done last week.

this morning at 8am, i went to have my stress test. i thought it is stressful but the stress was actually getting to bed early the night before because i usually sleep late doing my work and hopin to get an ilove you or good night honey texts. but since i need to be fully rested so i went bed early after a warm bath trying to get some sleep but i really cannot. after sending my good night and i love you texts to my love, my  honey, i somehow managed to fall asleep.

i was up as the alarm on my phone went off as i set it for 5.30pm..

another stress is that you are not allowed to have caffeine. oh my, not having coffee in the morning is incomplete. i feel like my head is empty, as if not! hahaha...

good my boss is very generous enough to drive me to my appointment. i was there 5 minutes before my schedule. so i have time to observe other patients. having fears on needles, seeing them with needles on their arms makes me scared.. another stress... hahaha...

anyway, it went on nicely... it's done and now i am just waiting for the sweet, cute and warm dr. j d s to call me to tell me the result of the tests. hoping for the best...

 oh my! poke me twice... didn't i tell everyone i have phobia on needles, any scientific name for it?
 before i went to the tread mill...


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