Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7 - my sister Mary Ann's and her son Johann's Birthday!

i may not be there to celebrated this wonderful day with the two of you but in my heart and in my mind, no doubt i am there. wishing you both the best! enjoy the day and have fun...

i surely miss the roasted pig, the laughters, the beers, drinking along the beach and the family and friends who will be there to join you.

Johann Rodriguez


  1. oh my roast pig ....I nearly fainted the first Filipino gathering I went to....but I got over it...just give me the pork sliced...I do not need to see its snout!
    beautiful child..happy birthday
    ...and tell me....does everyone always arrive late?
    hee hee.....just an observation

  2. hey Suz, you observed that ei... hehehe... that made me laugh... i get so upset about the tardiness myself... i always see to it that im there ahead of time. but i've been away 6 years now, hopefully they've change. hahaha...

    and the story about the roast pig (litson) made me laugh...


  3. thanks for visiting Tim... yeah, he is always a sight... very charming and lovely face... miss him so much...

  4. i think it's normal here to be late especially when you are not really obliged to go. party's here are always an option to go or not to go. as for me, i make sure that either i'm there ahead/on time or not come at all. i don't want to be the center of attention... lol vikkie

  5. thanks vicks for that... love u sister...


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