Friday, June 3, 2011

still sick...

june 3, 2 more days and ill be turning 41. time flies very fast. im not afraid of growing old. what i am afraid of is growing old with nobody lying beside me to rest at night and make fun.

btw, i feel a little better now, altho i still have a little fever. what's making me crazy is my runny nose and my dry cough. i feel like my chest is gonna explode every time im coughing. and besides my boss is becoming too concern about me and that makes me sad. i don't want him to be bothered. i am suppose to be caring for him not him bothering/worrying about me. but he always knew, i just wanna be happy at least this week and on my birthday. and he knew i wanna see my family and friends with a happy face.

i guess i have two more days... i'll strictly follow the doctor's advise to make sure im gonna be fine tomorrow for my birthday dinner party and on sunday my big day....

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