Friday, June 10, 2011

oh friday!

i am sometimes just happy to i know i am working during the weekends. because if i am on a day off, it makes me sick thinking that i am just gonna be there all by myself. what is the promise of a sunny beautiful summer, if there is nothing to look forward to. i think tho' i know a lot will be raising or arching their brows, winter will be better. where everyone is just inside their homes and no good reason to go out. unlike summers or the autumn or spring (the seasons i love), where it's beautiful out there and the moment you step out the comfort of your home, you see people walking, biking and sitting on the sun in pairs and you, all by yourself.

summer is suppose to be the best... this season is just like being home. of course the absence of familiar faces and the same old repeated stories can never be the same. but back there even without words or interaction, it is already fun. here? i stop monitoring the weather. what is it to me anyway? probably that is the reason why, 3 nights ago Hamilton (the city next to mine) made a record for so much thunders, and a suspicion of a tornado, yet i never knew about it. next time i know, i'm dead without knowing it... hahaha...

probably, i need to start thinking of what to do and where i should go? things and places that i can afford. that way, i will lessen the chance of being bored and idle time for"self pity!"

and for you my blogger friends, if you have any idea, i would appreciate it. i live in burlington, ontario no US Visa (working on it, hopefully the Obama Government will give me that. Hopefully i can convey to whoever is going to interview me, that i just wanna see the world on that part of the globe and nothing else.)


  1. Thanks JJR - for the comment on the Frog. Keep on Blogging.

  2. ur welcome Old Ollie... i will try my best...


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