Friday, June 3, 2011

two things i'm reflecting on today before my birthday...

first. my 81yo boss told me about this story that he heard sometime somewhere before. this is how it goes,

in a musical recital, a man is playing his violin beautifully and everybody was really attentive of his performance but in the middle of that performance, one of the strings got torn off. so everybody was schocked and waited for what he will do, they thought he will do something and put it back, but, what he did was took it out of its hook, and continue to play even the music is no longer good because of the absence of one of the strings.

so after the show, the host of the program asked him, " why did you keep playing?"

the man replied, "you know my friend, sometimes you have to play the music for what string you have left!"

second thought i am reflecting on was taken from the lines in the movie "The Hottest State." it goes like this:

... a lot of shit (sorry for the word) is gonna happen to you, like, people is not gonna love you. No matter what happen in this life, you only have two choices, only two choices.

--- One, you can either handle things well and be happy or

... two, handle it poorly and be miserable.

... the root of depression is being too self envolve. and the cure, is to read...


  1. seems like the weather is crying with me... it's been too sunny and nice thre days in a row but now it's gloomy and rainy...

  2. Do not seek the because, in love there is no because, no reason, no explanation, no solution. --Anaïs Nin saw this in one of the blogs while im browsing...


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