Monday, June 6, 2011

the day after my birthday!

i am officially 41 years young... hehehe... since i have my birthday dinner june 4. i spent the whole day of my birthday re-assessing my life and what had been done and what is to be accomplished in life.

i am a very simple person, 'though there are times that i also wished and dream to be listed as one of the richest or famous person, it is really not my cup of tea. it happens or not, i do not mind at all.

at 41, i am already here in Canada. loving it and can consider it as my second home away from home, and my first love, Philippines. truly there is no place like home, but, as i keep telling people - i will only live once and i wanna make the most of what i can do to enjoy it. and being there limits my financial capacity; and very thankful to Canada for giving me the chance.

after a day, i realized, if i keep focused on what i have planned before coming here, i will be ok. then it boils down into one. it is now time for me to share the love and care i have kept all these years to somebody who would love to share life with me. someone who will bring out the best in me and me in him, yes it's a HIM (hahaha..).

someone who would love to learn and know me for i will be very interested knowing him and loving him for what he is and what we will be when we become "US" and no longer "YOU & I"... someone who will love to share moments together. be with each other most of the time. i wanna grow old with somebody talking about how we shared time together. how wonderful we experience things. and not how hard we survived and struggle our relationship...

i am a very romantic guy. i can stay at home with someone i love and let him know how much i love him and being with him. absence makes me crazy!..


  1. Happy Birthday, JJ -- I hope life brings you what you need. Looks as if you've already got a fine family.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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