Wednesday, June 8, 2011

empty mind on a good sunny day!..

what a gorgeous day it is but the irony is i woke up with my nothing on my mind. funny! i always do set my mind before sleeping of things that i need to do and accomplish the next day so that i am not going to waste time and do things as how i planned them.

maybe too much thinking for the last days have numbed my brain... my heart... LOL!.. usually if my brain is not working at least my heart would say something. but today, i got up from bed with nothing to do or think about.

anyway, i need to finish my work and call the doctor for appointment. i have been feeling/worrying about the frequent numbness of my right arm, some chest pains and getting dizzy. anyways, i'm 41 and i believe i owe myself a general medical check-up. i hope this is nothing serious.

wishing you guys a great wednesday to log in and do some blogging...

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